domingo, 19 de junio de 2016

Documental: Sigue la búsqueda del ejército iraquí para expulsar ISIS desde la provincia de Anbar

VICE News ha publicado un nuevo documental que revela intensas batallas de primera línea entre ISIS y el Ejército iraquí más de la gobernación de Anbar asediado en el oeste de Irak. A partir de principios de 2016, las Fuerzas Armadas iraquíes han vuelto a tomar las ciudades de Ramadi, Hit y Rutba - a fin de despejar la mayor parte de la provincia de Anbar de ISIS. Ahora, la batalla final está en marcha para Faluya que las tropas iraquíes ya han capturado los distritos del sur de la ciudad hace unos días.

lunes, 6 de junio de 2016

Digital Intifada (Full Length)

Leaderless Palestinian youth, inspired by instructional videos and photos on social media encouraging people to "Stab a Jew," are thought to be behind a new wave of violence in Israel and the West Bank. Uncoordinated and spontaneous attacks by individual young Palestinians, mostly under the age of 25, started to occur almost daily from October 2015, with assailants often using a household weapon — a knife, axe, meat cleaver, screwdriver — before being fired upon by nearby Israeli security forces. So far, the bloodshed has claimed the lives of at least 28 Israelis and 189 Palestinians, 128 of whom Israel says were assailants.

Israelis believe that Palestinian Muslim youth are being radicalized by Islamic groups through online incitement campaigns. Micah Avni, the son of Richard Lakin who was killed in an attack on a public bus in East Jerusalem in October, has filed a civil action lawsuit against Facebook. He and 20,000 other Israelis are suing the platform CEO.

VICE News travels to Israel and the West Bank to talk to young Palestinians about their use of social media, and to Israelis who fear it's inspiring a Third Intifada. We also hear from parents dealing with the consequences of their children’s violent actions and explain their understanding of the situation.